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Funded Coaching Spaces

Information for Clients and Independent Facilitators

You deserve to thrive — and your financial situation shouldn’t be a barrier.

It’s a cruel irony:


Neurodivergent people are statistically less likely to be financially independent than their neurotypical peers. And less likely to secure permanent full-time employment.


And yet, as an ND individual, you’re more likely to need to invest in extra equipment, software, and external support, just to help you level the playing field in school and at work.


But there is hope.


Across the world, there are a growing number of programs specifically designed to help autistic and other neurodivergent people access the support they need — no matter what their financial situation looks like.


And happily, that support often includes fully-funded neurodivergent coaching.

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How neurodivergent coaching can help you achieve your goals.

We regularly support our clients by working on things like:

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Sensory Management Techniques — helping you recognize the signs and symptoms of sensory overload, teaching you coping strategies, and helping you avoid meltdowns.

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Stress Management Strategies — helping you identify triggers and pointing you towards useful relaxation strategies (as well as highlighting unhelpful strategies you might currently use).

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Communication Support — helping you develop communication strategies that will allow you to navigate college or workplace hierarchies more easily, and create a stronger social network. We might also work on managing bullying and harassment, role-playing, or creating scripts to calm the nerves before important meetings or assessments.

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Executive Function/Organizational Support — helping you establish healthy work or study behaviors, boundaries, expectations, and habits to ensure you thrive at college or in work while also preserving time and energy for your social life and passions, and avoiding burnout, overwhelm, and meltdowns.

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College-specific Support — helping you deal with executive function challenges so you can increase your chances of staying in school. This might include weekly or daily texts to keep you on track with deadlines, communicating with teaching faculty, and building relationships with your school’s disability office.

We currently work with clients who’ve secured funding through:

California’s Self-Determination Program.

Folks in California can access funding for coaching through the State Council for Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) Self-Determination Program. 


As part of the program, you’ll create a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) which outlines specific goals that will help you thrive in the world of work or education as a neurodivergent person.


And if autism-specific coaching will help you move towards those goals, we’d love to offer you our support.

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Information for Self-Determination Program clients.

If you’re neurodivergent and think funded autism coaching could help you achieve the goals set out in your PCP, we’d love to speak with you.

How it works:

As part of the Self-Determination Program, you’re in charge of the support you receive. That means you get to choose the coach you work with.

So the first step is to book a free online consultation and we’ll take a little time to get to know each other and figure out whether we’re the right coaches for you.


If you decide that you would like to work with us, we’ll get you booked in for as many sessions as you need.


When the time comes for payment, we’ll invoice you and all you need to do is forward the invoice to your Independent Facilitator who will take care of the rest.

You can find more information about how our coaching sessions work here.

Information for Independent Facilitators.

If you’re working with neurodivergent clients and you think specialist ND coaching could help them achieve their goals, we’d love to hear from you.

How it works:

We’ll begin with an introductory session during which we can chat about your client(s)’ needs, tell you more about our approach to coaching, and determine whether we’d be the right fit for helping the folks you work with.


Then we’ll arrange a call with your client (or their family) to get to know them a little better and determine whether they’ll be happy working with us.


We’ll create an invoice after an agreed-upon number of sessions (we usually do it monthly) and send it to the client who can then forward it to you.


If you’d like to set up that introductory session, you can book in here.

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