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Neurodivergent Life Coaching for adults of all ages — what’s it all about?


So this is the part of the website where we’re supposed to show you what life will look like for you (or your loved one) after coaching. To explain what “peaceful, contented living” or “thriving” really means for neurodivergent people.


But we can’t do that.


Because truthfully? The transformation looks different for everyone.

  • It might be gaining the confidence and the strategies that will allow you to complete college or grad school or live independently.

  • It might be healing from a past that included bullying or invalidation.

  • It might be learning how to thrive in your career. 

  • It might be the thrill of embarking on new friendships and no longer feeling alone.

  • It might be reaching a point where you feel comfortable enough to stim when you need to stim, to throw yourself into your passions with wild abandonment, and to show up in the world exactly as you are with no guilt or shame.

  • It might be finally understanding what folks mean when they talk about self-love.

Collage of photos showing a young black man graduating from college, a group of young adults collaborating in an office environment, and a group of senior white men and women enjoying an alfresco dinner party.

And the thing is you possibly don’t even know yet what your best life might look like.

All you know is that something needs to change.

That’s A-Okay.


The purpose of coaching is to get to the root of what peaceful, contented living truly looks like for you without letting years of struggle, heartbreak, masking, exhaustion, and overwhelm derail you — and without adding any stress or pressure to your already-challenging life journey. It’s about rebuilding your life in a way that makes sense for you.

Jackie and Tom Coursey lean in together, smiling at the camera.

The Sacred Space Coaching approach

We’re not going to lie. We’ll never put you under any pressure, but this shit is going to be hard work. But it’s also going to be revealing, empowering…and a lot of fun! So it won’t often feel like hard work, we promise.

At Sacred Space, we try to offer coaching in a way that works for your unique brain — so you can choose between individual coaching  with Jackie or Tom, or even both of us depending on what you need. We also offer group coaching if you think that could be a better approach for you. 

And you can show up in a way that feels good to you. Whether that means keeping your camera off, bringing along a supportive adult, or stimming freely throughout.


*A tiny note on the term Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We don’t love it. We’re not on board with the medicalization of neurodivergence and take issue with the word “disorder” and the implication that being neurodivergent means there’s something wrong with you! 

That said, we’re pragmatists. We know that if we want to help neurodivergent folks thrive in a world made for neurotypicals…they have to be able to find us and the Sacred Space Coaching website in the first place. And that means playing the SEO game — which is why we occasionally use the terms Autism Spectrum Disorder and ASD on our site.

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