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Jackie Coursey and Tom Coursey — Experienced autism coaches based in Sacramento, CA.

Tom and Jackie Coursey, experienced autism coaches based in Sacramento, CA, are a white husband and wife team. They lean in together and smile at the camera.
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Neurodivergent people are freakin’ brilliant.

You are talented. Detail-oriented. Compassionate. Funny. Empathetic. Tenacious. Resilient.

You deserve to shine. You deserve to thrive. You deserve to feel free and confident enough to show up in your life — and in the world — exactly as you are.

Of course, that’s easy for us to say…but harder for you to believe.


Because you’re used to feeling like a burden. Used to suppressing your innate personality traits, and your passions.


You’re used to hiding.


But we want to change that. 


Because a world in which autistic people feel like they have to hide their true brilliant selves, is a world that’s missing out on so much goodness.


And for us, making that change starts with coaching.


Ready to find out more?

A little more about us.

We’re more interested in learning about you! 


But we do realize that opening yourself up to a stranger and talking about your life, your struggles, and your goals is a scary thought. 


So we’d like to take a minute to let you know a little more about us and why we do the work we do — that way we won’t feel so much like strangers during our first meeting.

Jackie Coursey, a white woman with short silver hair, smiles at the camera.

Jackie Coursey.

Jackie’s first foray into coaching kinda happened by accident when she got to know a friend’s neurodivergent adult child and formed a close bond with him. 


Seeing what an incredible person he was (and is!), and learning about the struggles he and his neurodivergent peers have as autistic folks living in a world designed for allistic/neurotypical people, woke something in Jackie.


She became hooked on the idea of dedicating her working life to helping neurodivergent people overcome challenges, reach their full potential, learn to feel self-love, and live contented and peaceful lives.


And so she embarked on her coaching career — and never looked back.

Tom Coursey.

Jackie’s husband Tom was similarly drawn to coaching due to his relationships with autistic friends. Noticing parallels between his friends’ ND traits and his own personality traits, he decided to learn more about neurodivergence.


And discovering just how under-served the ND community is was all the push Tom needed to work towards his coaching certification. 


With a strong background in HR, management, and IT, Tom is especially pumped to help neurodivergent folks learn how to thrive in the workplace and build fulfilling careers.


If you want to work with Tom specifically on career coaching, check out his website.

Tom Coursey, a white man, wears a black beanie hat and grey sweater as he smiles at the camera.

Between them, Jackie and Tom have 9 children (all teens and young adults now) and they’re grandparents too. They’re also dog parents and love spending time walking their huskies and camping. 


Their autistic life coaching practice is based in Sacramento, CA, but thanks to the wonders of technology they happily work with clients from all over the US…and the rest of the world too!

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The credentials bit.

Coaching is a big undertaking — whether you’re looking for a coach for yourself or for your adult child — and you want to know you’re choosing someone with the right qualifications.


So here are ours!

Jackie’s Credentials.

Certified Autism Specialist
Int'l Board of Credentialing & Continuing Education Standards

Intensive Autism Coach Training(ACT)Certification AANE 

Certified Neurodiversity Family Coach
CReW Coaching / International Coaching Federation


Health Across the Gender Spectrum

Stanford Medicine


PDA North America Certification 

PDA Level 1 & 2 Training


Adult Mental Health First Aid USA

National Counsel for MENTAL WELLBEING


Bachelors in Business Administration

Eastern Michigan University

Tom’s Credentials.

Master’s Certified Life Coach

Certified Life Coach Institute


Intensive Autism Coach Training

(ACT) Certification



Bachelors in Business Administration

CSU Sacramento


Service-Connected Disabled Marine Veteran


Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute (PMI)

Now you know everything there is to know about us…it’s time to get to know you.

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