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Want to know more about Sacred Space Coaching?

We’ve included some of our most frequently asked questions about neurodivergent/ASD* coaching — and the answers — here.

But if you have a question we haven’t included, please do holler and we’ll fill you in.

  • What are the benefits of coaching?
    We get it. You’ve probably already tried a bunch of stuff to help you navigate the world with more ease — from online courses to reading every ASD-related self-help book out there. And none of it has worked. So why would coaching be any different? Because we do it together. From our very first meeting, you’ll know that we’re in your corner. We’ll help you self-reflect, figure out what you want your future to look like, and help you create a realistic, actionable plan to help you get there. We’ll be with you every step of the way to answer questions, give you a firm but loving nudge when you’ve stalled, and to believe in you even during the moments you don’t believe in yourself. And we’ll constantly monitor your progress to make sure the support we’re providing is actually working for you.
  • I’m accessing funding through California’s Self-Determination Program — can you help?
    Yes! We’d love to help. If you’ve already budgeted for coaching in your self-determination plan, the first step is booking your FREE consultation, to make sure that Sacred Space Coaching is the right fit for you. If we think we’ll work well together, you’ll give your Independent Facilitator our contact info and they will then contact us directly to get the ball rolling. Once we’ve started your coaching, the payment process is relatively easy. We’ll invoice you and you just send our invoice to your Financial Management Services Provider, who’ll take care of the rest.
  • I’m looking for coaching for my adult child — can you help?
    We can. We work with clients of all ages, from 18 and above — and it’s often a concerned and loving parent who first reaches out and connects us. You can encourage your child to arrange a free consult with us or if you’d like to speak with us first, that’s cool too. It’s also ok for you to be present for your child’s coaching sessions, with their consent.
  • How many sessions do clients typically need?
    The number of sessions is very client-dependent. Maybe there is just this “thing” bothering you at work and you need our help thinking it through. We have folks who come to us for help preparing for their performance review or reasonable accommodation help. This might take only a few sessions. Other clients like weekly or bi-weekly (which can mean twice weekly OR every other week - we do both!) check-ins that take place for more than a year. It all comes down to you and how much support you want or need. Learning to believe in yourself (one of the key goals of our neurodivergent coaching) takes time, especially if you’ve spent years feeling unaccepted or judged by the wider society. And many of our clients come to us in burnout and we have to spend time on the healing process before we can move onto goal setting. (Of course, sometimes healing is the goal, and that’s fine too.) Please note: coaching isn’t for everyone. If you’re dealing with deep trauma or a serious mental health diagnosis, we recommend seeking the advice of a licensed psychiatrist or therapist. For our North America autistic friends, check out for a neurodivergent provider.
  • Do you offer one-off sessions for previous clients?
    Lots of our previous clients do like to check in with us for one-off sessions. Maybe for reassurance that they’re still on the right track, maybe because they’re facing another major life transition, or maybe they need support on a specific issue that’s cropped up. Whatever the reason, we’re always happy to welcome you back to Sacred Space and to continue to support you as you navigate the next stage of your journey.
  • What do coaching sessions look like?
    We meet online, usually via Zoom. In a pinch, we can do a phone session. And we design each session to suit how you’re feeling on the day. That means keeping the camera off if you don’t feel like appearing on screen. Using the chatbox feature rather than audio if you’re non-verbal or just non-verbal that day. And showing up in a way that feels good to you. We'll work with you to create an action plan for achieving your future goals. But there’s no set timetable because we know that your needs will vary from day to day and week to week, and we’re always happy to meet you where you are emotionally at any given time.
  • How quickly will I see progress?
    Oftentimes, progress happens surprisingly quickly. Just knowing that you have someone who’s on your side and willing to listen without judgment can be enough. Your tension will start to melt and you’ll feel like you can finally take a deep breath and relax — even if only for a few moments at a time. Every client is starting from a different place so it’s important not to compare your progress with anyone else or with your own expectations. And know that if you sometimes feel like you’re taking a few steps backwards, it’s all part of the process — and overall you’re heading in the right direction.
  • Will there be any action steps between coaching sessions?
    Yes, you will typically have at least a few things to work on between sessions so that you can make progress toward the joyful life you want! But don’t worry — we’re here to help you get it done, whether you need a little nudge to get started or a huge virtual high-five to get that dopamine flowing once you’ve succeeded!
  • Do you offer additional support between coaching sessions?
    We do. We can text you or have a quick phone call if you need a little extra TLC. This is included in the price of your coaching with extra charges only kicking in for calls of 25 minutes or more.
  • Should I make an appointment with Jackie or Tom?
    Either! We try to both show up for your free consult call — that way we can all get to know each other and you can get a sense of whether Jackie or Tom will be a better fit for you. At times, we also jump in and help clients together, when it makes sense for us to do so (and with your consent, of course!). Just one of the benefits of working with a team!
  • What if I need to cancel a session?
    Most coaches will ask for at least 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation. But we know that sometimes you’ll have a tough day and need to take a breath and come back to us in a day or two. And you’re not always going to get 24 hours’ warning of a meltdown, a complete energy crash, or a sudden emotional hijacking. We know that life in those moments is hard enough, without the extra worry of cancellation fees. That’s why we won’t penalize you for last-minute cancellations. That said, we’d encourage you not to cancel a session because you’re having a bad day or because you haven’t hit your goals for the week. We’re here to support you on your best days — and your worst. Note: please do give us as much notice as you can so another client can join us in that time slot.
  • Do you only work with people with ASD?
    Not at all. We talk about autism A LOT, because most of our clients are autistic. But we also work with folks who’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and other ND diagnoses. We often see AuDHD folks and/ or autistic adults with a PDA (pathological demand avoidance) profile too. We also recognize that an initial ND diagnosis opens the floodgates for many others, from dyslexia and dyscalculia to OCD, depression, and general anxiety disorders*. However your beautifully unique brain functions — you’re more than welcome here. This is your safe space. *Reminder: we are coaches, not therapists so you might need to seek alternative help if you’re working through deep trauma or need to explore options like counseling.
  • I don’t have a formal diagnosis — can you still help?
    Of course! We know how freakin’ hard (and expensive!) it can be to get a formal diagnosis or even an assessment. Particularly if you experience the traits/symptoms of multiple conditions. If you’re struggling — and you believe it’s because of traits typically related to neurodivergence like executive dysfunction, emotional dysregulation, or sensory processing challenges — we’re here for you. In our eyes, self-diagnosis is 100% valid!

Book your FREE consultation now and let’s see if we’re the right coaches for you.


*A tiny note on the term Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We don’t love it. We’re not on board with the medicalization of neurodivergence and take issue with the word “disorder” and the implication that being neurodivergent means there’s something wrong with you! 

That said, we’re pragmatists. We know that if we want to help neurodivergent folks thrive in a world made for neurotypicals…they have to be able to find us and the Sacred Space Coaching website in the first place. And that means playing the SEO game — which is why we occasionally use the terms Autism Spectrum Disorder and ASD on our site.

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