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Group Coaching for Autistic Adults -
Begins Monday, August 12.
Hold your spot by signing up now.

(with Jackie)

Jackie Coursey of Sacred Space Coaching wears a black and white flower-patterned top. She has short silver hair and is smiling at the camera.
Brightly coloured leaves
“Oh my god!
I thought I was the only one.”

In group coaching, this is the comment I see/hear more than any others. And every time it makes my heart sing because it perfectly sums up why the group format is so freakin’ powerful for neurodivergent individuals. 


Because it isn’t just that you are relating to — and learning from — your coaches. It’s that you’re establishing profound connections  and “me too” moments with your peers too.


You’re bouncing ideas off each other. You’re learning strategies from people who share your struggles. You’re taking those first steps towards new friendships in a safe, judgment-free environment.


And above all, you’re realizing — sometimes for the first time EVER — that you aren’t alone. That other people fully understand your challenges…because they experience them too.


To call it life-changing is an understatement!

Jackie, a white woman with short silver hair, wears a bright floral patterned top and smiles at the camera.

Pressure-Free Autism Group Support.

Group coaching…I get that it’s a daunting prospect. 


When you’re neurodivergent, it isn’t just that you fear judgment in social situations — you’ve pretty much come to expect it.

So that’s why I’ve taken the pressure off.


At Sacred Space Coaching, all group coaching sessions are done online. You can expect sessions to be about learning and growing...and feeling support by both your coach and your peers.


You can have your camera on or off. You can chat via audio or if you’re non-verbal (or just feeling non-verbal that day), it’s A-Okay to communicate via the chatbox. 


And if you’re not able to communicate at all during a particular session, you are welcome to just come, listen, and learn until you feel comfortable enough to contribute.


You can turn up in your PJs, bring your favorite fidget toy, or stay wrapped in your weighted blanket for the full session.


You can show up, in a way that feels good to you, knowing that you’re already accepted by me and by the group, exactly as you are.

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How it works.

I host Group Coaching & Support Blocks for Autistic Adults a few times each year. Each block runs once a month for 6 months. In our sessions, we'll offer group support as well as coaching and learning opportunities. 


We usually have between 8 and 10 participants per block.


The cost per block is $300 (payable in advance.)

Times & Dates

4:00 - 5:30 pm Pacific

5:00 - 6:30 pm Mountain

6:00 - 7:30 pm Central

7:00 - 8:30 pm Eastern

August 12

September 9

October 14

November 11

December 9

January 13

Are you ready to…

Learn from other neurodivergent people in a safe, judgment-free space?


Start building relationships with folks who truly understand the challenges you face?


Discover tried and tested strategies from fellow neurospicy folks and a qualified coach?


Take the first steps towards new friendships in a way that works for your unique brain?


And have a lot of fun and laughs along the way?!


Amazing! I can’t wait to have you join our next group coaching cohort!

2024 Group Coaching Dates

Next session begins Monday, August 12th and will continue on the second Monday of each month, ending in January. Share your email and I'll send you the enrollment information so you can hold your space.

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