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Neurodivergent life coaching for autistic adults who want to live with peace and contentment.

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Do you know the one thing that really bugs us about the narrative around Autism?

The mistaken belief that life as an autistic person HAS to be nothing but pain and hardship.

No doubt about it: living with an ASD* diagnosis (or any other neurodivergent diagnosis) presents myriad challenges — as you (or your loved one) know too well.

  • As a student, you may struggle with time management, connecting with your fellow students, and the overwhelm of trying to live independently for the first time.

  • In the workplace, office politics, organizing your time and workload, and creating boundaries can be super challenging — and you’re unsure whether disclosing your diagnosis and asking for reasonable accommodations could help or harm your career.

  • In your personal life, you face constant difficulties in forging and maintaining fulfilling connections with the people around you, from your parents and partner(s) to your peers.


As a result of these struggles, you’ve learned to mask your true self. To ignore your fundamental wants and needs in an attempt to fit in with the norms of a world made for neurotypical people.

It can be grim. But there’s good news too.

There is a way through.

You can reach a place where you feel safe enough to take off that mask (at least sometimes!). A place where you feel safe enough to chisel away at the walls you’ve built around yourself and discover what’s at the core of you. A place where you feel safe enough to (re)discover what it is that you truly want and need from your life.

And a place where you feel safe enough — and confident enough — to create a more peaceful and contented way of living…whatever that looks like for you.

As Neurodivergent Life Coaches, it’s our job to help you reach that place.

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Who we are

Neurodivergent Life Coaching

Whether working with you individually or as part of a group coaching program, here’s what you need to know:

We’ve got your back.

When you feel broken, we’ll help you see how incredible you are. When you convince yourself that your happiness, your goals, and your ability to thrive aren’t achievable, we’ll find a way to show you that they are.


We’ll believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.


And we will find a way to help you thrive!


Find out more about our Life Coaching for Autistic and other Neurodivergent Adults here.

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California’s Self-Determination Program

Have you heard of California’s State Council for Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) Self-Determination Program? Their ethos centers on the belief that people with disabilities and ND diagnoses should be in charge of their own lives (and we couldn’t agree more!)

As such, they provide autistic individuals (and others) with funding that can be used to purchase vital services that will help meet their needs — and this includes coaching.


If you are eligible for this funding, and life coaching specifically designed for autistic adults would help you achieve the goals outlined in your person-centered plan (PCP), we’d love to offer you our support. 


And if you’re an Independent Facilitator working with autistic adults who could benefit from ASD*-centered coaching, we’d love to connect with you.

Our clients say

“Sacred Space Coaching is a phenomenal service. Jackie is a fantastic listener and gives great advice. She immediately made me feel welcome and has continued to create a truly safe space within our meetings. I know I can talk to her about anything and will receive no judgment, regardless of the topic. Jackie makes me feel loved, respected, and cherished."

Ready to find out what your best life could look like…and take the first steps toward creating it?


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*A tiny note on the term Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We don’t love it. We’re not on board with the medicalization of neurodivergence and take issue with the word “disorder” and the implication that being neurodivergent means there’s something wrong with you! 

That said, we’re pragmatists. We know that if we want to help neurodivergent folks thrive in a world made for neurotypicals…they have to be able to find us and the Sacred Space Coaching website in the first place. And that means playing the SEO game — which is why we occasionally use the terms Autism Spectrum Disorder and ASD on our site.

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