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Virtual Assistants & How They Can Help

Updated: 5 days ago

Laptop, notebook, and pen drawing attention to the many tasks that can cause overwhelm for us
Getting Help with Administrative Tasks

Neurodivergent clients and friends have shared with me that their VAs help them accomplish nagging tasks that have been on their to do list for way too long. While these tasks may take only a few minutes to do (I can say from personal experience), they also take up precious head space, stressing us more than they should. Many of us have working memorty and executive function challenges and hiring a virtual assistant is one way to help. I firmly believe we are not independent is this life...we are interdependent. We need each other. We need each other's help. James Cleves, my guest blogger, shares ways a virtual assistant might be of help to you. Enjoy!

By James Cleves

A virtual assistant isn't just for business

When we think of hiring a Virtual Assistant we tend to assume we will get help with

business-related tasks. We assume it’s all help with admin and marketing, like replying to

emails, sending out invoices or scheduling social media posts.

But, did you know, you can absolutely use a VA in your personal life too?

Admin is admin, so it doesn’t matter if your assistant is hired to sort out your business paperwork

or your personal paperwork. Or help you manage your inbox and diary.

Like, if you hate listening to jangly hold music when you’re trying to book a dentist appointment,

your VA can take care of that for you and can even send you a reminder to turn up to your


If your Google Drive is a chaotic jumble of random downloads, bank statements and utility

bills, photos, and a whole plethora of other files, your VA can help you create a filing system to

tame the chaos and make sure you can find your important documents when you need them.

There’s so much more that a virtual assistant can do for you. And getting help is even more

important when you are neurodivergent.

We have so much going on in our brains already that all these little day-to-day tasks can easily

slip out. Or they pile up until you’re completely overwhelmed and don’t have the faintest idea

where to start.

Having a VA on hand like me makes all the difference so we

Gentleman in dress clothes sitting at laptop and enjoying tea while working with a client over the phone
James Cleves busy on the job

can take care of the things you might otherwise forget and stop you getting overhwlemed. And

having a second person there, a second pair of hands helping you (even virtually) is a great time-saver.

Asking for help might feel like showing weakness, or letting your neurodivergence get the better of you. But in reality, acknowledging your challenges and asking for help, can free up more of your time to play to your strengths.

NOTE FROM SACRED SPACE: If you would like to contact James to see if he can assist with your stressful tasks, reach him here. You can book a free chat with James or another VA to discuss the most irritating chores bugging you and see if you can delegate them. Good luck and take care!

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