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Misconceptions about Autism







Many autistic adults wish that their allistic (not autistic) counterparts would make as much effort as they do to understand who they really are. In order to assist in that endeavor, let's review the typical misconceptions many people have about autism and autistic individuals.


#1 Fallacy - Only children are autistic

#2 Fallacy - Autistic folks lack empathy

#3 Fallacy - All autistic individuals have savant abilities.

#4 Fallacy - Autistic adults cannot form meaningful relationships

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Calming the Autistic

Nervous System 







Finding Empowerment and Equilibrium 


  • Make time for your special interests

  • The Calming of Cold

  • Movement and Mindfulness

  • Laughter, Singing, Humming, and Meditation

  • Stimming & Sensory Tools

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Soothing Touch

  • Relaxation Exercises

  • Leaning into the Calm

Learn more in this 4-minute read.

What clients are saying about our coaching services...

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"Jackie has been an absolute godsend. I am the mother of an adult neurodivergent daughter and have received so much support and practical advice on navigating these unfamiliar waters. Now my daughter is also taping into Jackie's wealth of knowledge and compassionate coaching as she formulates a life worth living for herself. This experience has been life-altering and I will forever be grateful to Jackie."

"Tom, thanks for your assistance. I was able to make very positive changes and get some structural things in my life addressed in meaningful ways. Long story short, my husband and I are working things out, whether than means staying together or not in the long term, and the immediate stressors of our relationship have been addressed and are being remediated. Thank you so much."

"Sacred Space Coaching is a phenomenal service. Jackie is a fantastic listener and gives great advice. She immediately made me feel welcome and has continued to create a truly safe space within our meetings. I know I can talk to her about anything and will receive no judgment, regardless of the topic. Jackie makes me feel loved, respected, and cherished. I would highly recommend her services to an adult with autism who needs help getting their life in order."


"I cannot tell you how grateful I am for Jackie. She is not only one of the most empathic life coaches I’ve ever known but also the most incredibly patient and nonjudgemental soul. Jackie offers resources, skills and tips on how to guide, motivate and support folks with Autism. Her grace, presence and wisdom are a gift; in addition she brings a very calming, caring energy. 

If you are a parent of an adult child with Autism or ADHD, I highly recommend her coaching services for your adult child or yourself." 

"Jackie is a wonderful coach, her approach is compassionate & insightful. She presents new perspectives that allow me to find solutions and has truly helped me grow. She has so much to give and I cannot recommend her enough!"

"I sought Jackie's services because I am an AuDHD grad student and I was really struggling with burnout, chronic procrastination / demand avoidance and difficulty keeping up with daily tasks like cooking and cleaning. Jackie is working with me to find practical solutions that help me to complete the tasks that I need (and want!) to complete. She has helped me with time management and other practical skills that I struggle with due to my neurodivergencies. I feel confident that I will be able to develop habits that help me to function better and ultimately live the life that I want to live!"

"Tom, thanks for your help. It is clearly paying dividends and I am seeing  results. Ultimately, I have reached a point with satisfaction at this job and with my colleagues. I think there is no clearer encapsulation of the progress I have made than that."


"Tom, you definitely did me a great service today in helping me to change before my situation became depressing. I now have more ability to head to a better path than it I let my situation grind on any longer as it was."

“I am so grateful for Jackie's support. I know she is in my corner. She believed in me while I learned to believe in myself. I am so glad I gave myself this gift of time each week to work on myself and my needs."


"The strategies you shared are so helpful and the supportive environment you fostered was invaluable. All of the topics & strategies helped me move through  challenges and manage my PTSD symptoms, which lead to autistic meltdown or shutdown for me. I appreciate how we were invited to participate in any way that felt comfortable. When I am disregulated, I have a hard time with speech
and can’t always get my words together. So I loved the fact that I could participate by writing in the chat."

"I have worked with Jackie co-coaching a peer support group and it has been a place of huge growth for our clients. Jackie offers a centered and grounded presence where people feel safe and heard. I have been honored to work with her and recommend her without reservation."

"Turned out to be one of the best things I've done for myself. The knowledge & experience shared connected a lot of dots for me while also helping me feel less alone in my own experiences. I always left a session feeling seen and heard."

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