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Improving Working Memory

Many autistic folks share that working memory, part of executive function, is challenging. In this short read, learn ways to improve your working memory.

Take 3 DEEP breaths when you forget something to lesson your anxiety, boost your focus, and increase your capacity to remember.

  • If it is not written down, it doesn't exist. (Especially instructions!!!!)

  • Instructions: Write down the GENERAL IDEA...think in bullet points

  • Recapping the instructions helps them stick in your working memory.

  • You can re-create forgotten instructions by pretending you are instructing another person. (Or, you can actually start sharing them with someone.)

  • To focus, shut off all tech for a little while.

  • Some people find success when they go to the exact location where they learned something to get it back into their head. (Example: I walk back into the laundry room and finally remember that I was there to grab everything from the dryer.)

Sharpening Memory & Attention - Tips

  • Identify an uncomplicated task to practice using this "muscle". Ex: Cleaning out a closet, filling your backpack for tomorrow, or compiling documents.

  • Tell yourself a story with a beginning, middle, and end that includes all the steps of the task. Feel free to write it out in your notebook. Visualizing may help even more.

  • Go for it - do the task. (If you are having trouble, book a quick, free call with Sacred Space for help. Most people come to us for executive function help! And, as the founder and an ADHDer, I completely understand!)

Even Better:

  • Like musicians, speakers, or athletes, consider a simulation.

  • Begin completing the steps & have someone interrupt you with a question while you are completing task.

  • Tell them you will answer ONCE you have finished the task.

  • After you say that, repeat to yourself the part of the task you are doing right now.

  • Finish the task. Then, answer the question you were asked.

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