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Holiday Overwhelm

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

In Danielle Sullivan's The Neurodiverging Podcast, we discuss the challenges facing neurodivergent women, especially during the holidays.

As women, we often learned our role from a young age, and take on lots of the holiday responsibilities. Today, girls today still have more chores and less allowance than boys, as highlighted in the NYT article, "A generationally perpetuated pattern: Girls do more chores." No wonder the holidays can be overwhelming for many women, who feel more stress than their male counterparts about how their home looks or whether all the presents will be purchased in time.

Men are four times as likely as women to not do anything in preparation for the holidays. Forty-eight percent of women say they do it all.

When we learned the sad truth that only 25% of women say they relax at any point during this season, we wanted to offer some dialogue around a better holiday season. As neurodivergent women, we empathize with your added stressors and hope to come together and do better.

Want a better holiday season?

While our group coaching program is now full, we invite neurodivergent women to join us in individual coaching to create the end-of-year that replenishes you.

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