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Transition to College for Autistic Adults

I had the opportunity to speak with Reid Miles of Inside the Asperger’s Studio and Patty Lasham of Thrive Autism Coaching. I hope you enjoy our conversation around autism and ADHD in adulthood and our personal experiences both as neurodivergent people and coaches.

Listen to the podcast here.

In our interview, you’ll discover:

  • Why the transition from high school to college can be so challenging for autistic adults

  • The #1 issue affecting adults with autism today

  • The importance of self-advocacy and why we are so focused on self-advocacy skills starting early

Resources from the podcast

For further insights, check out these resources from the podcast conversation:

For your family members who think you may just be ‘lazy, “Laziness Does Not Exist” is a must read. This book explores the three "productivity lies" suggesting that your worth is your productivity, that there is always more you can be doing, and that you cannot trust your own limits and feelings. Dr. Price encourages us to let go of guilt and become more in harmony with our limitations and needs while resisting the pressure to meet outdated societal requirements.

For women and nonbinary people with autism, The Square Peg is a great resource to help you navigate your diagnosis, especially if it came later in life. My autistic clients tell me they love the sense of community they feel while listening to this podcast. Podcaster Amy Richards helps fellow autistic adults consider how to be their true selves, without, as Amy says, "feeling we have to fit ourselves into boxes shaped by society's expectations."

Listen to Podcast

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