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PDA-Affirming Providers

The following is a list of PDA-affirming (pathological demand avoidance) providers based in North America, including Canada and the US. Sacred Space Coaching and PDA North America cannot specifically endorse or take responsibility for any individual listed on this list. The list includes professionals that have completed the PDANA Certification program.

**What is Pathological Demand Avoidance?


Megan Agee, LPA

Owner, Psychologist - Velaris Psychological Services

PDANA Certificate Program

Charlotte, NC



Elise Jacobson, LICSW

Tele-therapy for adults with an expertise in neurodiversity.

PDANA Certificate Program

Acton, MA



Katherine Sullivan, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

PDANA Certificate Program

Westchester County and Manhattan, New York


Dr Beth King, PhD at TREAT NYC Psychology Therapy Services, PLLC

Provides individual psychotherapy, therapy groups, and diagnostic testing

PDANA Certificate Program

New York City, NY (remote)



Shani Mandel

Parent Coach.  Certified provider of Ross Greene’s CPS model. Assists with PDA parenting based on her own experience of living with PDA.

PDANA Certificate Program

Remote services

401-217-9771 (call or text)



Shea Kennedy

Educational Consultant, Coach and Advocate: workplace & college accommodations; aquariums, airports, zoos, camps, etc. inclusion training for staff; create/revise IEP's and 504 plans; parent support groups (online); and social groups for kids (in person). Also a certified animal trainer that can help you with your animal for emotional support, therapy, and service work.

PDANA Certification Program

Bainbridge Island, Washington

Phone: (206) 351-1811


Meghan Barbano M.A. Ed., ASDCS

Neurodivergent Consultant & School Psychologist

PDANA Certification Program

Glendale, AZ (remote and in person)


Nicole Kavanagh CCC-SLP/PBS Certified Specialist


PDANA Certification Program

Phoenix, AZ



Dr. Alex Klein, Psy.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

PDANA Certification Program

Oakland, CA (in person and remote)




Dr. Jennifer I. Huffman, PhD, ABPdN

Developmental & Lifespan Neuropsychologist

Neuropsychology Center for Attention, Behavior & Learning, PLLC (The ABLE Center, DBA), PDANA Certificate Program, PSPACT credentialed

Champaign, IL (in person and remote in IL; remote in FL)


Bryenne Alesch, M.ED

Educator (age 3-12), PDANA Certified PDA, Parent Support, School Advocacy, Mental Health Provider, Director of Operations Elite Cognition LLC, Neurodivergent mama raising 2 strong willed and Neurodivergent kiddos. PDANA Certification Program

Madison/Monona, WI



Danika Maddocks, PhD, LP

Parent consultation

PDANA Certification Program

Minnesota (remote)


Mei Liou Zarnitsyna, LCPC

Chicago Counseling Associates: Individual and family/couples psychotherapy for teens and adults  

PDANA Certification Program

Chicago, IL -- in-person in Lincoln Park office or remote

(773) 281 - 7200 x 5


Tara Incopero, LCSW

Counseling: Individual and Family therapy/Safe and Sound Protocol/EFT/Bach Flower Essences

PDANA Certification Program

Elmhurst, IL (in person and remote)



Diane - Educational Advocate

IEP, 504, BIP, FBA Advocacy. Attending IEP/504 meetings, suggesting goal/support/modification updates to more completely address student's behavioral, academic, and physical needs. Diane is an experienced case manager of developmentally disabled and/or mentally ill individuals ranging from 5 to 75. Diane has years of experience advocating for students at IEPs. Former emergency, short term, and long term foster parent; very trauma informed.

PDANA Certification Program

Peoria, IL (in person, can do remote if needed)






Dr. Heidi R. Cherwony, Psy.D., PA

Evaluations and therapy

PDANA Certification Program

Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Ryan Bryson LPC, Family and Child Therapy

Child and Adult Therapy

PDANA Certification Program

Vienna, VA (in-person)



Dr. Lake & Associates

ND Affirming Neuropsychological evaluations of children and adults

PDANA Certification Program

Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, FL (in-person person only)

(813) 444-8760


Stacey Kraus, BCBA, LBA

The Art in Me: A Center for Behavior Analysis and Counseling

PDANA Certification Program

Metairie, LA


Elizabeth Walsh, MS., BCBA, LBA

School Consultation

PDANA Certification Program

Munford, AL (East Central Alabama) - in person and remote



Smiling Latinx with pink flowered shirt, holding a file
The right support makes a difference

Tisha Moon, LPC, NCC at Family and Child Therapy

Play Therapy, adolescent and young adult therapy, family and parent support, collaboration with schools, clinical consultation

PDANA Certification Program

Vienna, VA (in person and remote); Florida (remote)


Diane C. KIrk, Psy.D

Psychoeducational and developmental evaluations

PDANA Certification Program

Tulsa, OK



Renalani Moodley

Occupational Therapist, OTR/L, MHsc(Rehab) ADHD-RSP

PDANA Certification Program

Parent coaching and Professional Development

Lake Forest, CA



Paul-Jean Letourneau

PDA family counselling, group facilitation, and medicinal cannabis coaching

PDANA Certification Program

Vancouver, Canada

The PDA North America website list includes other PDA-affirming providers who have not gone through the certification process.

**What is Pathological Demand Avoidance?

PDA is an anxiety-based need for control. Adults with PDA find themselves avoiding even the simplest tasks including things they really want to do. Most of the typical supports that would work for autistic adults don't work for PDAers. IMPORTANT: Task avoidance is a nervous system response. The individual is not trying to upset anyone. They simply cannot move forward. To learn more, check out Creating Safety for your PDA Nervous System, PDA Resources, and Managing Your PDA.



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