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Autism as an Adult: Harder or Easier?

Updated: Feb 28

As you mature, living with autism may get easier in some ways.

  • You may obtain more control over your environment. You gain comfort in avoiding the things/people that make life difficult.

  • Many share that they feel more freedom and independence.

  • Skills and solutions to challenges develop. You learn better how the world works and more about yourself and how things work best for you.

  • You are less interested in conforming and more interested in feeling relaxed and comfortable.

  • As you age, you learn that you are not alone and that there are many autistic people. You have the option of finding your village of people who understand.

  • You may, especially after getting a diagnosis, feel more aware of why you think and behave as you do. Things finally click.

  • People share that high school is about as hard as it gets. Once you get K-12 completed, you have more self advocacy.

Challenges of adulting

  • Consequences are more significant as an adult, whether it be divorce, unemployment, or legal issues to name just a few.

  • World is less understanding of differences. There are more expectations of understanding what to do in social and work situations.

  • Especially during transitional times, a lack of structure can be exhausting. You may lack the support of others for all of life's details, like paying the bills and remembering to taking to take the trash to the road on the right day.

  • Later in life, some tire more easily from masking, stress, and sleep and sensory issues. You may feel less inspired to fit and get lonely.

How to have a life you love

  • If you haven't already, create a team of support. This is the biggest way to help yourself. A recent sociology study showed that this was the number one factor for success in adulthood. Having a few people who help you set up a bill-paying system, strategize with you on creating a meal plan that works or notice when you are out of sorts can make a big difference in how you feel. We all need to feel seen and heard--we need our little village.

  • Working, volunteering or having a mission is super important. Working can keep your financially secure, create structure and meaning in your life, and potentially be a place where you get to use your creative juices.

  • Consider working with a coach to help you create the life you desire and deserve! Schedule an appointment with Sacred Space Coaching, if you'd like to try coaching.


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