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Autistic Adulting - Ready, Set, Go

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Are you ready to become more independent but find it difficult to know where to start?

Now that you are an adult, navigating your relationships with your parents can be tricky. You may still feel somewhat dependent.

Even if you are very independent but could use some peer support and resources, join us! We are here to help you feel less isolated and more accepted. Join us and begin your journey toward thriving, in a life YOU design.

Thrive Autism Coaching and Sacred Space Coaching are joining forces to offer a 4-week program for autistic young adults to discuss subjects like "adulting" and more.

More --- you may be wondering what else we'll discuss....!!!!

By filling out the interest form now, we will know exactly what topics to cover.

Our past groups discussed autistic relationships, communication, sensory overload, autistic burnout, romance, money and budgets, academics, and executive dysfunction.

Our Winter Edition will hone in on what YOU want to discuss.

We are building a village of autistic peers who understand what you go through in this crazy neurotypical world.

If you choose to accept this mission of growing your support system with new friends and resources, take the first awesome step of filling out our interest form and we will get the show on the road!

Our initial event will take place over 4 weeks on Zoom. We cannot wait to meet you.

P.S. Our Winter group can have an encore if you'd like to keep meeting with each other. Stay tuned for details when we begin the program soon!

If you are interested in our Tips for College, let us know here.

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