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Individual Coaching Packages

Complimentary First Session

We offer a complimentary 15-minute "learn more" session

to all new clients to get to know you

and see how we can help.

Then, we'll design a custom plan to fit your specific goals,

whether you are focused on everyday life, relationships, career/school

or any combination that needs your attention. In our experience,

clients usually commit to 6 - 8 sessions in order to see real progress.



NEW Eight-week packages - $720 (10% discount, prepay total or two $360 installments)

NEW Six-week packages - $570 (5% discount, prepay total or two $285 installments)

Pay as you go - $100.

*Sessions typically run 50 minutes and may

include some email/text assistance in between sessions, as needed. 

Group Coaching Packages

This is an invitation for neurodivergent folks of all genders who’ve been working to understand themselves and their neurodiversity, but are getting sucked into overwhelm when negotiating family, friends, work, school, and all the other demands of life.
Want to drive off burnout and stay grounded in your values instead?
We’ll teach you our highly-targeted neurodiversity- and trauma-informed strategies that have already helped 100+ similar clients resolve burnout and reduce future overwhelm.
Our summer cohort will meet between
July 5th and August 16th*
on Wednesdays at

*No meeting on July 19th.




Overwhelm, Your Nervous System, & Self Care

Creating a Personalized Restoring Activities Cheat Sheet

Solution-Focused Problem-Solving 

Burnout & Boundaries

Executive Function Tips

Hosted by 
Jacqueline Coursey, Founder
Danielle Sullivan, Founder


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