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Individual Coaching Packages
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Complimentary First Session

We offer a complimentary first session

to all new clients to get to know you

and see how we can help.

Then, we'll design a custom plan to fit your specific goals,

whether you are focused on everyday life, relationships, career,

or a combination of all three.   

In our experience, clients usually commit to 8 sessions in order to see real progress. 

Group Coaching Packages

From Defeated to Inspired: Group Coaching

for Neurodivergent Folks

This is an invitation for neurodivergent women and folks from traditionally 
disadvantaged groups who've been working to understand themselves and their
Neurodiversity, but are getting sucked into the overwhelm.

Want to drive off burnout and stay grounded in your values instead?

We'll teach you our highly-targeted Neurodiversity- and trauma-informed strategies
that have already helped 100+ similar clients resolve burnout 
and reduce future overwhelm.

What our Winter 2022 group said they learned
 this program:

"There are others like me trying to navigate life."
"Small steps are real."
"Be gentle with yourself."
"I learned the necessity of restoration."
"How self-care is a deeply personal journey. All of our bodies, minds, and spirits are unique, and I have to make space for encourage myself to understand my needs. "
"I love that we were able to learn from our peers."

We'd love for you to join us for our Spring 2023 Session!

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