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You Move Forward

For neurdivergent adults, it can be tough to navigate life. From finding more enjoyment in your work to building genuine relationships to staying on top of everyday tasks, it can be a lot. For some of us, on top of all this, we are also completing college or grad school studies. As fellow neurodivergents, we get that it is so easy to feel extreme overwhelm and that everything is a top priority. And yet, nothing seems to be getting done.

Sacred Space Coaching was born out of a passion for helping you make sense of all this. We've witnessed firsthand how brilliant and incredible neurodivergent adults are and we are passionate about setting the stage for you to build the life you want.

When we are not coaching, you'll find us traveling and camping. The pups, Tom and I love walks in nature and realize it allows us all handle life's stressors much better.

Red-ish and white Siberan Husky looking into camera
White and grey small Siberan Husky looking directly into camera

Titan & Luna, our Siberian Huskies.

Woman with grey hair and blue dress standing beside man in blue shirt. In front of them is young adult woman with a yellow dress. Everyone is standing outside.

Jackie & Tom with one of our 9 kids, Emma. 

Jackie's Credentials

Certified Autism Specialist
Int'l Board of Credentialing & Continuing Education Standards

Certified AsperCoach
AANE (Asperger/Autism Network)

Certified Neurodiversity Family Coach
CReW Coaching / International Coaching Federation

Health Across the Gender Spectrum
Stanford Medicine

Suicide Prevention Skills Training
QPR Institute

Adult Mental Health First Aid USA
National Counsel for MENTAL WELLBEING

Bachelors in Business Administration
Eastern Michigan University

Tom's Credentials

Master's Certified Life Coach

Certified Life Coach Institute

Certified AsperCoach

AANE (Asperger/Autism Network) Federation

Bachelors in Business Administration  

CSU Sacramento 

Service-Connected Disabled Marine Veteran

d Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute (PMI)


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Crystal Salt

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